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trencherman n : a person who is devoted to eating and drinking to excess [syn: glutton, gourmand]

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From trencher + man.




  1. A person who eats a substantial amount; a feeder, one with a healthy appetite.


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trencherman in German: Tranchieren|Tranchierbrett
trencherman in Japanese: トレンチャー (食器)

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

Brillat-Savarin, Lucullus, belly-god, board-and-roomer, boarder, bon vivant, cannibal, carnivore, connoisseur of food, consumer, cormorant, diner, diner-out, eater, eater-out, epicure, feeder, flesh-eater, fruitarian, gastronome, glutton, gorger, gormand, gormandizer, gourmand, gourmandizer, gourmet, grain-eater, graminivore, granivore, greedy eater, greedygut, greedyguts, guttler, herbivore, high liver, hog, hungry mouth, husky eater, lactovegetarian, luncher, man-eater, meat-eater, mouth, omnivore, omophagist, pantophagist, phytophage, picnicker, pig, plant-eater, predacean, trencherwoman, vegetarian
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